Good morning, Vietnam!

Penned on the 15th day of June, 2019. It was Saturday.

My personal favourite rendition of the classic “Hello, world!” mantra. Enjoy my dated references to bygone pop culture. Welcome to the show.

Earlier this week I finished the revamp of my personal website, including a new codebase written in TypeScript, with nice URLs and Handlebars templates for a fine-grained yet painless writing experience. Most of the site is made up of articles. And hey, come to think of it, a weblog is too! I’ve been looking to get HALO’s devlog up and running for at least a month by now, and so it made good sense to lift the new codebase up and over for that as well. Looks good, right?

Like most good plans, this one is pretty simple. Write an article once a week, publish each Sunday, and have it sync onto scheduled social media posts with daily mini-posts on there. For now this happens on Twitter and Facebook.

There is always something new being chiseled out with our conceptual work on the project. I don’t find a weekly basis too frequent that we can’t keep up. There is also more grounded progress that happens too, and you ought to know about that when it happens.

Until Next Time, Keep Clickin’ Those Links!
—The Web Master